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Changing Your Dial-In Number

Windows 95, 98, Me: Dial-Up Networking

If you're using Windows 95, 98, or Me, chances are that you're using the system's built-in "Dial-Up Networking" to reach us. Here's how to change the number in DUN.

  1. Open up the Dial-Up Networking folder and locate the icon that refers to your Atlas connection.. (In 95/98, Dial-Up Networking is found in Start:Programs:Accessories. In Windows Me, it's available in Start:Settings.)
  2. Right-click on that icon (or menu item) and a pop-up menu will appear. Choose "Properties" from this menu.
  3. The Session Properties window will appear. You can set your username and phone number here. Our dial-up numbers are listed on the dial-up page..
  4. Click 'OK' to save the new settings. That's it!

Windows 2000: Network and Dial-Up Connections

Windows 2000 runs dialup services through the "Networking and Dial-Up Connections" window. Here's what you need to do:

  1. Go to the "Start" button, then choose "Settings", then "Network and Dial-Up Connections". Find your Atlas connection icon, and open it.
  2. If you need to change the format of your username, do it here. Now click "Properties".
  3. You should see the fields for the area code and phone number right away. If you don't, click the 'General' index tab to show the right page.
  4. Type the new phone number in these fields.
  5. Click 'OK' to save the new settings.

Windows XP: "Connect To..."

Changing your dialup number in Windows XP is very easy:

  1. Go to the "Start" button, then "Connect To...", and find your Atlas connection on the list. Click it.
  2. The "Connect" window will appear, with blanks for "User name", "Dial" number, etc. Our dial-up numbers are listed here.
  3. When you've finished making changes, click 'OK' to save the new settings.

Macintosh System 7.6 to 9.x: The "PPP" or "Remote Access" Control Panel

Apple started using the "PPP" control panel with Mac System 7.6, and it's present in Systems 8 and 9 too. (In System 8.5 and later, it's called "Remote Access".) Changing the dial-in number here is very easy:

  1. Open the "PPP" (or "Remote Access") control panel.
  2. The fields for username, password, and phone number are right in front. Our dial-up numbers are listed on
    the Dial-Up page if you need them.

Macintosh OS X: The "Network" dialog in "System Preferences"

In Mac OS X, all of the network stuff (including dialup) lives in the "Network" section of your System Preferences. Changing the dial-in number here is easy:

  1. Open the System Preferences. (If you don't see "System Preferences" in the dock, you can reach it from the Apple Menu at all times.)
  2. Go to the "Network" icon, and open it up.
  3. Make sure it's set to "Show" the "Internal Modem" (or whatever modem you're using), and then click the "PPP" tab.
  4. The "Account Name" is your username; if you need to make any changes to it, do so here.
  5. Change the "Telephone Number" to your new dialup number. If there's more than one number for your area, you can add an "Alternate Number" too. Our dial-up numbers are listed on the Dial-up Page.

Authenticate out going mail

For those of you who have an @corpranet email address, you will need to go into your email settings in Outlook, Outlook Express, or other email client,  and check mark authenticate on outgoing.  Follow these steps to do this:

Authentication in Outlook and Outlook Express

  1. Open up Outlook Express and go to Tools and then Accounts. In Outlook, go to Tools, Email Accounts.
  2. In Outlook Express, highlight the email you wish to authenticate and click on the properties button  to the right. In Outlook, click on view or change email accounts.
  3. Click the Servers tab then check the box labeled My server requires authentication. You do not need to click the Settings button
  4. In Outlook, select the account you wish to edit, and click the change button. This will take you to the internet email settings. Click on the more settings button  and then the “outgoing server tab” and select “my out going server requires authentication” and then click the “ok” button.  Ok out of everything and test the account. If you still have trouble after going thru these instructions, feel free to call us at 417-725-0250, and we will gladly help you set this up.


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