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CorpraNET Wireless

CorpraNET wireless provides significant advantages over land-based Internet lines. Our wireless costs you less because there are no "last mile" telephone company fees incurred. It is the Wireless ISP of choice in the area with broadband wireless speeds ranging from 384 Kbps/sec to 3 Mbps/sec at a fraction of the cost of traditional land lines (ISDN, T1, etc.).

CorpraNET Wireless point-to-point and point-to-multipoint broadband can be utilized as your main Internet solution or as a back-up path to the Internet, preventing downtime caused by disruptions to your main connection. Contact us for a free wireless site survey at 417-725-0250.

CorpraNET wireless broadband benefits:

  • Reduce Your Expenses: Costs you less than traditional land-based lines. When you choose CorpraNET wireless, your "last mile" or "local loop" telephone company fees are eliminated because you no longer pay extra fees for the telephone company to reach your location, fees that can amount to 50% or more of your Internet expenses. T1s or ISDN, are usually much more expensive than wireless. Connect today, and experience independence from the telephone company!
  • Primary or Back-up Connection: Use CorpraNET wireless as your primary connection to the Internet or as a separate path to the Internet if your main connection fails. With traditional wired services, activities outside of your control (ex. construction occurring outside of your building) could trigger downtime for your office LAN or VPN.
  • Customer Support: The finest customer support within the industry. Our Network Management Center is staffed with expert technicians.

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